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Schedule your type of driving need below.

Adult Students Drive Lessons are only drive for an hour, so please choose only the Adult Driving Lessons only.  The Driving Lesson must be paid before you sign up for a drive time.  There maybe some exceptions with those whom may not use debit/credit cards, but fees must be paid pror to lesson upon arrival. 

Teen Program Participants are required to be Behind the Wheel for two hours (one hour to drive and an hour for Observing other student and hearing instructions).  Those whom may request to be pick-up and droped off will pay an additional $10 for each request. Please choose Behind The Wheel Teens Only

Road Tests are given to assist DPS with the examination; however, you will still have to interact with the Department of Public Safety. If you take a look at the back of you permit, especially for teens you will notice a date of elgibility to take Road test in 6 months from issue date or on your 18th birthday the one which comes first. Teen requirement for Road Test 1. Valied permit, 2. Under 18 must be accompanied by a parent, 3. DE-964 Certificate (provided by driving school) 4. Impact Teen Video 5. 30 hour Parent log.   Adults need 

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